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The Big 10 Conference is generally considered one of the finest athletic conferences in the country. However, the universities of the Big 10 take an even greater pride in the academic excellence of their institutions: in the scope and quality of their programs, in the ground-breaking research conducted, and, first and foremost, in the caliber of their students and the accomplishments of their alumni.

In addition to academic and athletic excellence, there is a third tradition that we take pride in — the tradition of alumni loyalty and support of their alma mater.

Each year at Illinois thousands of alumni express their loyalty and interest in the people and programs of the University by making a donation. These annual gifts touch every corner of the campus. Alumni gifts provide funds for scholarships, student organizations, classroom remodeling and renovation, instructional technology, student and faculty research projects, course development, and a host of other academic initiatives.

You can support academic excellence at Illinois with your gift today. And at the same time demonstrate that Illinois alumni are second to none in the Big 10.

To make your gift immediately, just click on the “Meet the Challenge” button above.

Thank you for building on an Illinois tradition.