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Big 10 Challenge is an organisation that aims to create and promote more loyalty from alumni to their alma mater. It is a website that offers itself as a one-stop source for any information about alumni-giving.

The Big 10 Challenge is also a fun way to promote a little friendly competition between the Big 10 universities in the country. In the website, you will find a series of graphs to show how both your university and your graduation year participation rates compare to your peers at other Big Ten schools. Don’t worry, the graphs are very easy to understand, you don’t need accelerated learning classes to understand it!

The website is really easy to understand and the interface is very easy to navigate. You don’t need a SEO Singapore Consultant from a SEO Singapore Company to explain to you what this button does or what to do to get to this page. It’s really easy!

As mentioned, the Big 10 Challenge is aimed at giving the alumni of each participating school a clearer and easier way of accepting donations. Each university has different methods of accepting gifts. All schools want to make giving as easy as possible, and most have on-line giving pages. To make a gift, please click on your school’s logo.

Now, actually, the thing about the Big 10 Challenge is that even if it’s a “Big 10” which means there are 10 universities, right now, there are 11 participating schools in the list.

Here is a complete list to see if your school is one of the participants in the Big 10 Challenge org.

1. University of Illinois

Each year at Illinois thousands of alumni express their loyalty and interest in the people and programs of the University by making a donation. These annual gifts touch every corner of the campus. Alumni gifts provide funds for scholarships, student organizations, classroom remodelling and renovation, instructional technology, student and faculty research projects, course development, and a host of other academic initiatives.

You can support academic excellence at Illinois with your gift today. And at the same time demonstrate that Illinois alumni are second to none in the Big 10.

2. Indiana University

The Big Ten Graduates of the Last Decade Challenge is an exciting opportunity for graduates of 1996-2005 to exhibit their loyalty and commitment to Indiana University. Both in and out of the classroom, IU remain strong. Wherever you are as an alumnus, you remain part of that success, history and pride. Show your loyalty to the Cream and Crimson by meeting the Big Ten GOLD Challenge!

3. The University of Iowa

This Big Ten GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade) Challenge will give Iowa grads a chance to show the Big Ten that we care about our alma mater and the students it serves. The school with the highest percentage of alumni donors wins considerable-and delicious-bragging rights among our peer institutions. Your gifts go directly to the UI college, department, or program that you designate, and provide crucial resources to meet the unit’s areas of greatest need.

4. University of Michigan

Private support is a critical part of the resource package that makes the University of Michigan a truly great University. Without the gifts of thousands of the alumni who have come before you, Michigan could not have achieved its rank as a premiere higher education institution. Support from each alumnus/ae is critical to current programs and to the future stature of your alma mater.

5. Ohio State University

The Big Ten GOLD Challenge is an awesome opportunity for recent graduates from the classes of 1995 – 2004 to demonstrate their enduring loyalty and commitment to The Ohio State University. All of our Big Ten rivals are competing to see who can find the most generous and supportive young alumni — are you ready to represent Ohio State?

Why should you make a gift today? Private support changes lives and makes a difference by providing scholarships, research funding, and technological advancements that allow today’s best and brightest students to achieve incredible success here at Ohio State.

6. Northwestern University

Each year, thousands of loyal alumni, parents, foundations, and friends give back to Northwestern. Their generosity reflects the positive influence the University has had in their lives, their children’s lives, and their community. Sharing the vision of a greater Northwestern, they are helping the University flourish as a distinguished leader in higher education. Every day, unrestricted gifts to the Annual Fund provide the president and school deans the flexibility to meet the ever-changing educational and operational challenges of a top-quality university.

7. University of Minnesota

Since state funding covers only a third of the University’s budget, gifts from alumni are critically important. Without the gifts of thousands of alumni before you, Minnesota could not have achieved its reputation as a premiere institution. And with your support we can keep the momentum going! You control where your money goes. If you want to support your college, department or program, that’s great, but you can also give to the libraries, gopher sports, or the University overall. Gifts from alumni do make a difference.

8. Michigan State University

By choosing to team up with other Spartans who have graduated in the past ten years you will do three things. First, you will help create new and better opportunities for current and future students through scholarships and fellowships, building construction and renovation, technology upgrades, and a host of crucial student services and initiatives. Second, you will send a message to your alma mater that says you appreciate how an MSU education has added value to your life. And, finally, you will help secure another MSU victory in the Big 10, proving once more that Spartans can stick together to accomplish great things!

9. Pennsylvania State University

For four consecutive years, Penn State has been the number 1 in the Big 10 Challenge. They have a very good alumni system and just like the other universities listed in the Big 10 Challenge, you decide where your gift goes. Last year, more than 70,000 alumni made gifts ranging from $5 to $5 million and supported every program across Penn State.

10. Purdue University

By participating in the Big Ten Challenge and supporting Purdue, you have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of current students, maintain the strength of your degree and make the next ten years on campus even better than ever before.

11. University of Wisconsin

For years, alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends of the University of Wisconsin-Madison have helped to improve the quality of education at the UW. Currently, private gifts from these various groups comprise 20% of the UW-Madison budget. Without this support, your UW experience would have been immeasurably different.

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