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On the banks of the Red Cedar
Is a school that’s known to all;
Its specialty is winning,
And those Spartans play good ball;
Spartan teams are never beaten,
All through the games they fight;
Fight for the only colors,
Green and White.
Go right thru’ for MSU,
Watch the points keep growing.
Spartan teams are bound to win,
They’re fighting with a vim.
See their team is weakening,
We’re going to win this game.
Fight! Fight! Rah! Team, Fight!
Victory for MSU.

As evidenced by our fight song, MSU is always ready for a fight. And what’s more, our specialty is winning! This site is the place where you can lend your support to your beloved alma mater and watch the points keep growing, because Spartans teams are bound to win! Join MSU in the Big 10 Challenge and help us get one more victory for MSU!

By choosing to team up with other Spartans who have graduated in the past ten years you will do three things. First, you will help create new and better opportunities for current and future students through scholarships and fellowships, building construction and renovation, technology upgrades, and a host of crucial student services and initiatives. Second, you will send a message to your alma mater that says you appreciate how an MSU education has added value to your life. And, finally, you will help secure another MSU victory in the Big 10, proving once more that Spartans can stick together to accomplish great things!

As Spartan alum, you can designate your gift to the college or unit of your choice. This allows you to directly affect the area of the university that is most near and dear to your heart. Like many other great institutions in our nation, MSU relies on the goodwill of friends and supporters that invest from the heart and help us remain world-class educators and researchers.

Join the Spartan Team!
  • Click on the "Meet the Challenge" Logo above and make your gift to MSU.
  • Call 1.800.232.4MSU to learn more about the Annual Fund.


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